Royal Oak - Perpetual Calendar Replica Watch

I can not believe that this is the 40th Anniversary of Audemars Piguet's flagship, the Royal Oak. From the first time that I saw in my local AD, I always longer on the size of the Royal Oak 39mm already, as attracted the versions of popular offshore.

Regarding the watch complications, I have always been fascinated by perpetual motion because of its complexity, what you can do. I am always amazed to identify that a group of small gears, springs, levers and other parts of the situation, the exact day, date, month and leap year year cycle.

So, during my early stages of building my collection of watches finally had the chance to get a hold of my dream watches, an AP Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar in 18 carat gold. It was almost perfect for me, the size to fit well in my small wrist, the acute angle of the Royal Oak with alternating brushed and polished combination was so attractive. And yellow gold case and bracelet has a good weight on my wrist. He could use a major part of the art sound. In addition to all that a line-up of the golden color that is easy to read the clock.

My RO perpetual calendar worked fine, but I never really paid attention to the exact details of the movement of the leap year, until recent years, when he attended the first continuously purists first GTG in 2008. Southern California event was held at the Rainbow Bar & Grill.

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