Royal Oak - Extra-Thin 39mm Replica Watch

Royal Oak Extra Thin 39mm Replica
Royal Oak Extra Thin 39mm Replica

The year 1972 saw a turning point in the history of modern horology. Indeed, there is a before and after the Royal Oak. The founding 40 years ago by a sport completely unprecedented view of bringing together existing design codes do in traditional watchmaking a paradigm shift. Housed a renowned ultra-thin movement in a steel housing prices a golden clock: daring the challenge of ensuring that few observers were prepared to bet developed on the success of this unusual clock by Gérald Genta for Audemars Piguet and presented by the brand in spring 1972 . Forty years later, the strength of this approach has been well demonstrated. Not only is the Royal Oak is successful, but it is more alive than ever before live - Experience the latest collection.

Closer examination of the extra-thin skeleton Royal Oak celebrating the 40th Anniversary shows that there is both a concentrate of the history of this legendary collection as well as Audemars Piguet itself and its many areas of specialization. Specializing in ultra-thin movements, the Manufacture in Le Brassus chose this complex watch mechanism to power the first Royal Oak in 1972. Thus the famous Calibre 2121, one of the world's most beautiful models of mechanical automatic movement only 3.05 mm thick, which won the hearts of the first versions of the Royal Oak. This distinctive expertise, consisting in engraving and empty the movement to put a sign in their spacious and transparent effect is still an art mastered by very few artisans. The combination of a single piece of the limits of ultra-thin movement and the demands of the thinning or open working is imposed an impressive performance. That is exactly what was proposed in the ultra-skeleton Royal Oak clock, the 40th to the Anniversary in a 950 platinum 40-piece limited edition.

The ultra-thin self-winding Calibre 5122 is disclosed in the property through this anniversary model stems from a technical performance and aesthetic sophistication. The 3.05 mm thick, fully developed, including hanging the gun. In addition to this skeletonization in a very modern, with anthracite galvanic treatment gives contemporary aesthetic. All finishing on the plate and bridges (polishing, brushed, created sparkling, round satin and edges) is designed. The monobloc oscillating weight entirely in 22 carat gold is high, "AP Royal Oak 1972-2012" registered. Its external segment is adorned with a reminiscent "Tapestry" motif on the characteristic decoration of the dials in the Royal Oak collection. The slate gray dial provides a stunning view of the paid Calibre 5122nd

The date of sapphire plate made so to preserve the transparency of this movement. The date numbers are transferred in black, and the day before the gray background of the opening in the metallic sapphire date with a pattern drawn revealed vertically.

The 40th Birthday celebration of sport premium steel look at the mature style first, slender skeleton Royal Oak clock introduced in 2012 naturally reflects the strong design features which give the impression this collection was firmly in the collective consciousness. This is especially the octagonal bezel and its eight polished hexagonal screws - White gold uniforms - held on the back of the box with eight recessed nuts. Inspired mounted between the bezel and the case of the visible link by diving bells, remain a feature of the collection. But the Royal Oak owes its reputation to the full integration of the last case, a rarity in 1972 - with a tapered bracelet non-identical links arranged in descending order of size. This set of characteristics of the company was in the collection since its inception and always looked for all current models of Royal Oak, including of course the ultra-thin skeleton Royal Oak.

The diameter of 39 mm extremely skeleton Royal Oak is identical to that of the 1972 Royal Oak. As excessive and extravagant at the time of its launch, it shaped the trend for larger watches and now represents a mean diameter. The platinum case is water resistant to 50 meters forward and with anti-reflective sapphire crystal front and back. All the refined workmanship and decoration of the movement can be admired at leisure. The new folding clasp, also plate 950 is characterized by a double security system installation.

The contemporary openwork winding Audemars Piguet draws its strength from an authentic alliance between traditional and modern elements. Representing a unique exercise style, art skeletonization is the prerogative of a handful of watchmakers. This distinctive art, a mixture of technical and artistic skills: technical means, in a skeletonized movement maintain its structure for its accuracy and reliability and art, the various parts of open working accompanies the painstaking decorative work, and cultivate the skill requires experience. Audemars Piguet has long been recognized for the exceptional quality of its skeleton movements. Blancpain has distinguished himself several times during this difficult discipline. The new Royal Oak autoline fits perfectly into this concept, despite the fact that their movement designed with a very different spirit. This rate reflects a resolutely modern skeleton clock more architectural, more contemporary stylistic evolution. The high quality finish with discreet delivery and hand-drawn file strokes echoes the case and the surface finish of brushed and polished bezel.

The creation of the Royal Oak autoline was from the simple premise that those born discerning watch practice to be reinvented with a blend of boldness and creativity, in order to attract new clients deserve. In this sense, the work of Audemars Piguet in developing the new Calibre 3129 the autoline Royal Oak drive clearly done on the decision, with the traditions that leads to a model with clean lines and break modern is based, it made from traditional skeletonised models and sublimate the Royal Oak, for which it was designed.

This approach leads to pure and sober cuts, brushed directly onto the plate and bridges, and an intensification of colors, contrasts and shades made entirely by hand by the telescope. The colors range from gray to anthracite - a shadow with elegance by surface treatment galvanic anthracite. These dominant grays a nice contrast with the color of the gear is gilt bronze and gold weight of 22 carats solid swing, also pierced and fitted with the AP monogram. This new all gray-clad self-winding Calibre 3129 is also magnificently in the case of housing 39 mm in diameter and thus a transparent background and an anthracite dial with applied faceted and fully paid in gold marks.

While Calibre 3129 is a building game decidedly upscale, but also owes its exceptional quality and reliability of the popular movement, directs Audemars Piguet Calibre 3120 - a mechanical automatic movement entirely designed, developed and manufacture Audemars Piguet. High reliability and continuous improvement that includes the full range of collections used classical models of Jules Audemars Royal Oak watches sports. Technical characteristics of the Calibre 253 shares 3129, which display hours, minutes and seconds, especially with your membership balance bridge ensure exceptional impact resistance and its direct drive seconds hand that can be avoided no effect. The accuracy is particularly stable score by using a variable flywheel with eight weights. In terms of usability, the caliber 3129 also has a Stop-second function, facilitates the setting of the time and 60 hours of power reserve.

Available in two versions - stainless steel bracelet with matching folding clasp in 18K pink gold bracelet or alligator strap with rose gold folding clasp in - the new autoline Royal Oak is a show again skeletonization cultivated absolute domain loyal Audemars Piguet. A fascinating form of stylistic expression proudly perpetuated and now boldly invented by the Manufacture in Le Brassus.

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