Royal Oak Grand Complication Replica Watch

Royal Oak Offshore Grand Complication, a contemporary titanium 44 mm in diameter and was ceramic clock connected to a rubber band. Taut lines and large Its structure is carefully designed to their inherent masculinity door to reveal the subtle properties of simple and complex geometries. It also offers a rare opportunity to the potential of a conventional automatic movement connects the most elegant Minute Repeater, the fraction of a second chronograph, perpetual calendar exceed complications.

Royal Oak Offshore was born in 1993. This model has developed an extension and ultra-masculine sports model two decades ago by Gérald Genta become an icon in the world of luxury. 20 years later, this clock is enriched with a great first sentence rare complication. Houses four automatic advanced mechanical heart functions, three of which.

As belonging to one of three groups that make up were what selected in the jargon of the trade as a "classic complications" called In practical terms, in addition to providing a standard time display, modern and masculine look perfect 44mm diameter, it is possible to conduct time and read intermediate or "split" times with the addition of a complication fraction of a second. His incredibly charismatic and titanium ceramic case features a minute repeater mechanism, a rare complication of sound are the hours, quarters and minutes on demand. And as if all this were not enough, watchmakers have also added perpetual calendar complication that is appreciated by connoisseurs. As the name suggests, offers a display ad of the eternal and lunar cycles.

This classic work of art, performed in a modern, Audemars Piguet has established itself as a collection of the art of watchmaking. It is the tangible expression of talent and dominance of the United States in the watchmakers of the Manufacture workshops. Watch this stunning performance, ending the 648 parties sharing space c 8 m3 to move with exemplary diligence. Modern finishes such as sandblasting are designed to highlight the traditional treatments such as beveled edges and hand-drawn. To highlight the uniqueness of this model are the parts that make up this extraordinary technique yields partially visible through the transparent sapphire crystal dial and exposure. The latter, in particular, offers a view of the inertia of solid gold with a black coating, which serves to accentuate the modern atmosphere in general, watchmakers have decided to give this model.

Therefore, the interpretation of a futuristic movement is developed entirely traditional a clear statement as the conventional rules mastered, you must first break. The movement, an embodiment of the material is a sample of the first principle. However, it is precisely this movement Grande Complication adaptation of today's world that gives the piece a truly iconic dimension. This is because, beyond all words, is this clock contemporary masterpiece, a creation of the order individually and exclusively by a single craftsman who has devoted more than 700 hours of work for each patient only clock. At the end of the day, showing all the details of this target clock ceramic titanium and fitted with a rubber band, such as Audemars Piguet completely dominated the classic art of watchmaking and is in a position to accept an offer to decidedly modern tradition.

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